Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mother's Intuition

This morning on the way to work I remembered a dream I had right before I found out I was pregnant with Jacob. In the dream I was in a dark hospital and the nurses told me that there was something wrong with my baby and I had to abort. I told them that my baby was fine and there was no way I would do that. I told them I wanted a second opinion and I left.

I remember telling this dream to my friend Natalie a few days later when I found out I was pregnant. I told her that in the dream I kept seeing pink things so I just focused on that part and thought it meant I was not going to have a girl. I didn't focus on the part where they said there was a "Problem", didn't think much of it. Now looking back, that would have been when the heart was forming and when the heart defect would have occured. The heart is fully formed at 8 weeks. I was about 4 weeks along when I had the dream.

In the dream I knew in my heart my baby was fine and that there was no way I was going to let them take him from me, I was going to fight for him. I wonder if this was my mother's intuition preparing me for what was to come. I decided against termination in the dream and am so glad I decided against it in reality. They have come so far with this defect and I have to give Jacob his chance at life.

Amazing, maternal instinct.
Love you Jacob!

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