Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some Normalcy in the midst of chaos

May 21st:

Yesterday was really crazy busy. I was up with the kids around 6 or so. Maxim pediatric nurses called to see if they could come out at 10. Right before they were due to arrive Jake had a fit of fussiness because he had been constipated. Aidan pooped his diaper (Still working on the whole potty training thing, got off track with all that has been going on), and the dog was barking.

So here come 3 nurses into our chaos lol. I felt like it was a sitcom. We got through that visit and I got a lot of really useful information about the possibility of having nurses come daily. I have to call my insurance company but for now they are at least coming twice a week for about a half hour to check on Jake and do vitals and such.

Not 5 minutes after they left someone from respiratory therapy called to see if they could come by to show me how to use the oxygen. So no sitting for me had to get ready for the next round. Finally got Jake to sleep and was about to do "School time" with Aidan. We set up for an art project and the phone rang, it was a dietitian called to see how it was going. I was not turned around for maybe 3 minutes and I look over and Aidan had colored all over himself and my wall with marker, luckily it was washable lol. Most parents would be furious but I had to laugh (without him seeing of course) because it was such a wonderfly "Normal" moment.

To finish off the day I got birth to 3 set up to come meet Jacob. They will come to the house and work with him developmentally so he won't fall behind from all of this.

Still managed to get lots of time with both kids and was exhausted by the end of the day. Luckily my amazing husband came home and let me sleep for an hour while he watched the kids.

May 22nd:
Today was another great day at home with my family. Woke up to my sweet Aidan breaking out into song. I felt like I was in a musical lol. Jake had a really good day and has started to smile so much. I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to see him smiling after everything he has been through. Aidan and I were making silly noises at him and he kept grinning ear to ear.

Gave him a bath which he hated and had lots of cuddle time. His belly was so much better today. No constipation, no retching... just happy Jake. Sats and heart rate have been really good. He weighs almost 9 and a half pounds now!

Have I mentioned how glad I am to be home!

Bath time!

Battle Wounds

Our little peanut... so proud!


  1. We all have a different 'normal' and yet it is so amazing. I have a love/hate relationship with everyone that comes over. I love all of them so much for helping our family, but sometimes when our house is chaotic (2 boys under 5, Hope, 3 cats, and a new puppy), it just adds to the chaos.

    I am so happy for all of you and Jake is the cutest. Enjoy and cherish every minute. I have noticed how much more I cherish everything now.

  2. Love to hear about his smiles. Keep it up Jake!