Friday, June 11, 2010

Date with Dr. Spray (Take two)

Spoke to Jacob's cardiologist in Philly. He is tentatively on the surgical schedule to have his Glenn the last week of July. It feels like we just got home and now we are talking about going back. They typically do the Glenn between 4 and 6 months old. Jacob will be 4 months.

The shunt is dangerous and can wear on the heart muscle so the earlier the better but they want them to be at least 12 or 13 pounds. Jacob is 10pounds 8 ounces now and gaining about a half a pound a week. If he keeps that up then he should definitely meet that requirement by then. So this is good news, and scary news. It will be so hard for me to hand my sweet Jacob over for yet another surgery. At the same time I know he needs this, I know he will be much more stable after this.

We will most likely go up 7 to 10 days prior so that they can do heart echo's, x-rays and any other testing they need. The social worker there is going to see if the Ronald McDonald house will let us stay there. Normally you have to have the child admitted to stay but since we will be required to go there early they are thinking they will allow it, if there is room.

I am going to also see if we can get a pumanologist to take a look at his lungs while we are there. At least maybe they could tell us why he has such trouble breathing.

Please pray for Jacob.
1. Please pray his heart continues to do well.
2. Pray he continues to gain weight
3. Most of all please pray for a smooth surgery and recovery!

Also please keep all of the other heart babies in your thoughts and prayers... Little Lorenzo who went to be with the angel. Bodie who is fighting a bacterial infection and back on the vent. Ruthie and Emma who are waiting for their new hearts. Jilly who continues to struggle. Zoe and Mia who just got to go home! And all of the other precious warriors and angels.

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  1. Wow, Kath, what a CHUNKER Jacob is! Good for you and him for getting him to gain some weight! Good Boy! Love the pics of him smiling. As for the RMH letting you stay - i hope they are accommodating, especially if they are not full. I am staying here with Henry while we wait for our appt on Thur to say we are going home. They never gave me a hard time. I wish you all the best. Enjoy every second you can while you're at home. Do EVERYTHING there is to do 'summer related,' cuz as you and i both know (especially me), a visit to CHOP is often a longer stay than you ever anticipate. It's been nice keeping in touch. Take care, my best to you all... ~ Chris ~