Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cath is Over

Jake is out of the cath. Everything went well during the cath. Dr. Gillespie showed us pictures of what they did and of Jacob's heart.

Atrial Septum- Take 2:
They are concerned that the atrial septum growing back. They see some signs that it may be and it would be very risky if it does. They don't see this often however when they do it is on kids who have had a problem with the atrial septum previously. Jake is known for his extra tissue growing in his heart and for problems with his atrial septum. That is what caused the flooding in his lungs at birth. They said that they wouldn't do anything about it at this point if he were not going into surgery tomorrow. It is less dangerous to go in now than it would be to leave it there and possibly have to open him up again soon after this surgery.

What this means for Jake:
The Glenn is normally a very quick surgery and they don't have to cut into the heart. Now they will have to cut into the heart to see what is going on. This will make the surgery a little more risky and he will be in there longer. If there is extra tissue growing then Dr. Spray will remove it at that time.

Again, they are not overly concerned but it is in Jake's best interest to take care of this now while they already have him opened up. Please pray for Jake tomorrow and for his doctors. Please pray that this doesn't make his recovery more difficult. And please pray that this Atrial Septum goes away for good!

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