Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who said cardiac kids don't eat?

I didn't think I gave you enough to read on the last one so here is one more lol.

Back Story:
When Jake was born he could not eat by mouth. With every tube feed I would dip his binki in breast milk so he would have something to taste and associate with eating. Some g-tube kids refuse anything by mouth and I wanted to prevent that. When he was hospitalized at our local hospital for c-diff they used apple jelly instead of sugar water to calm him. There was no going back after that he was hooked. He LOVES apple jelly. I know when I first saw it my initial reaction was "Where is the biscuit, seriously this can't be good for him" but I ran it by all of his docs and they all said it was harmless. Mind you I just coat the binki with it, its not clumped on there or anything. Just gives him some flavor since he did not eat by mouth at the time. Even his cardiologist uses it to calm them during EKGs.

Every night before bed we would put a small amount on a paper plate and put it at the end of his crib so if he got fussy we could give him a little dip and he would calm down and drift off to blissful sleep.

Last week
I woke up at 8am and realized Jake had not woken up at 5:30 for a diaper change like he usually did. I went into his room and he was all smiles with his binki in hand. Then I noticed that the paper plate was laying in the crib on the opposite side by his head. My guess is that he stuck his feet in it and it stuck. He then grabbed it and went to town. The plate looked like it had been chewed by a dog.

I grabbed Jake and ran him to the living room where I reached into his mouth to make sure there were no pieces that he could choke on. He seemed quite amused. He was perfectly fine. No paper cut, no paper pieces. Then I lifted all of the pieces of the plate and lined them up. There were no chunks missing. At most he would have gotten a few fibers. Good for constipation right?

After making sure Jake was completely ok I could finally laugh at the situation. How can you not when you see this plate? Cardiac kids and especially g-tube kids don't usually like to eat. Mine ate a paper plate lol. Can we say teething?

Needless to say we no longer put ANYTHING in Jacob's crib. He is getting too mobile.

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. LOL! Poor kid dont you ever feed him??? Glad to hear that he is doing good and thanks for the laugh!

  2. Great story! Such a silly boy. lol

  3. LOL- that is HILARIOUS! What a little character little Jake is turning into. :)

  4. Yeah, clearly the kid is underfed. :-) This is so funny!!!