Monday, December 13, 2010

Gotta Love His Laugh...

Jacob continues to amaze everyone with how well he is doing. He now weighs 19lbs 9oz and is all rolls. He is eating over 7oz at a time and takes at least 5 of it by bottle. A few times he has taken the whole feed by bottle which is amazing progress. Jake also loves eating his baby food. Can't get enough of the carrots.

He has had his second round of Synagis shots although we are still keeping him out of public places. I know he will eventually get sick at some point but I don't think its necessary to accelerate that. Jake doesn't NEED to go to crowded places during flu season and I can get things done on the weekends and in the evenings once my husband is home. So for now we will continue to lock ourselves in our house. By the time cold and flu season is over Jake will be a year old and I will feel better about taking him out in public. He will also have his scopes by then and we will have a better idea about his breathing issues.

For now we are just enjoying all of the blessings that we have been given and looking forward to an amazing Christmas. Aidan is more excited then I have ever seen him and this will be Jake's first Christmas which is extra special because a year ago we did not know if he would be here with us.

Jake is trying oh so hard to pull himself up into a sitting position all on his own and he gets about half way there before getting frustrated. He is also rolling all over the place now. Baby Gate is locked at all times because Jakie is mobile... somewhat.

Still no Mama's or Dada's but Jake continues to interact and make other baby sounds. He will do everything in his own time. Everyone continues to be impressed by his progress so far. If you did not see his scars or hear his breathing you would never know he was a cardiac baby. He has broken the mold with his weight and his desire for food. He continues to follow a normal growth curve and hit the 50% for his weight.

We go to the Cardiologist tomorrow and I will update later this week. For now enjoy these beautiful pictures taken by Deanna Pinkerman. We are able to go to her home for pictures so that we don't have to go out in public for family photo's. She always does an amazing job and we are so blessed to have her.

I have also included a video that I took this morning... sure to make you smile!

The Bakers


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics! What great pics!!! And the video is awesome - totally made me laugh!

  2. That is priceless!! OMG! Adorable pics too. I'm so glad things are going well!!

  3. Thank your for the updates. I look forward for them.... Jake's laugh is priceless..God is so good.... Merry Christmas!!

  4. Hi, Kathy
    Adam is good. Not feeding as well as jacob but getting there. He also hates tummy time and does not roll yet. I've been wanting to talk to you but in the mist of all the papers I have I lost the paper that had your number and e-mail address on it. Anyway, I frequent your blog to see how jake is doing and I'm so happy he's progressing fine.