Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reaching Milestones

Jacob has really been progressing lately. He got his two teeth and all of a sudden has decided that its time to take off. Jake sits so well now and no longer tripods at all. He would sit for hours if I let him. If I try to put him in his chair that he normally eats in, he pushes his entire body up as if he is trying to climb out of it.

He is also trying to crawl! He has figured out he can get places fast by rolling around so for the most part he rolls all around the room. At one point I remember I could not get him to go on his belly at all. Now I can't keep the kid off of it. He will tilt from one side to another until he scoots forward in somewhat of an army crawl to reach his target. The main target that he crawls to.... the remote control. This is the same tactic we used to get Aidan to crawl. Such boys!

Jake is still working on pushing himself up to the sitting position on his own. He gives it a good try but only makes it about half way. He is also figuring out how to get from a sitting position to a laying position. He goes from sitting to putting his arms way out in front to where he is almost doing a yoga position lol. He goes back and forth until finally he just throws his body forward and face plants into the carpet. He never cry's. Just goes on with his business and starts rolling around and going for whatever he sees.

Jake has such a strong personality. He knows what he wants and better get it when he wants it or look out lol. If he hears Andy or I and we don't come right over to pick him up, he lets us know he is angry. He arches back in his chair and looks at us and screams until we pick him up, then he is smiling and happy as can be. Can we say spoiled lol (He deserves it!).

Lately he has been staying up longer. His naps are becoming shorter and he is napping less. This could also be due to his big brother running around the house and me desperately trying to get ihm to calm down and let Jake sleep... Yeah right. Trying to get a 3 year old to calm down is not that easy.

I love how Aidan and Jake interact with each other all of the time. They play and laugh, its so great to hear them laughing together. Tonight Andy was holding Jake and pretending to chase Aidan. Jake was laughing so hard I was just in heaven listening to him and Aidan giggle.

Still no Mama or Dada although he does say MA... I don't think its related to me though. I say Mama to him and he laughs at me... Nice lol.

I met with Speech and Nutrition and we switched up his feeding a bit. He was taking 8oz bottles 4 times a day but I was having to push more and more through his tube because he just was not hungry. It was also very hard to get him to eat baby food since he was full. We cut him down to 8oz bottles 3 times a day and its working. He is drinking most of his bottle by mouth and is also eating at least 3 containers of baby food a day which makes up for the calories that we cut out from the other bottle. Lately he has taken a few more ounces right before bedtime, so he is still getting a little more.

Jake puts EVERYTHING in his mouth right now. I am constantly watching him to make sure he doesn't grab something when my back is turned. Anything he can reach goes. Aidan has been so good about protecting his brother. He knows that the baby gate MUST be closed at all times and makes sure he closes it. I really have the best kids!

Oh and Jake is 21 pounds! Go Jake Go! He is doing great.

Thank you for the continued prayers for our family. Life has thrown us many curve balls this year. If you told me a year ago about everything that we would have gone through in the past year I would have gone into a panic. But this last year has just taught me so much. I don't look at what we have lost or the changes that have happened. I look at what we have. I have two beautiful baby boys sound asleep in their rooms, hopefully having sweet dreams. Life is very uncertain for our family right now. Our eyes our now open to things we once took for granted. I know we have many more struggles to face ahead of us but in my heart I just feel that we will be ok. Until then we are just going to take lifes curveballs, smile and throw them right back.

Heart Hugs,
The Baker Family

Sweet Dreams!


  1. Awww I love the sleeping picture. SO cute! He is 21 pounds! Wow! Aly is still lingering around 20! So happy to hear everything is going so well. :) :)

  2. I just wanna squeeze those cheeks of his! :) Adorable!

  3. Kathy he is such a big boy! I'm so glad he is doing so well! He will be walking in no time!

  4. That's my boy! Give him a big kiss for me. xoxo.

  5. I hope you don't mind me commenting on your personal blog. My daughter also has HLHS.
    Her name is Vivian and will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. She had her first surgery 5 weeks ago at CHOP. I have just spent the past hour looking over your blog and feeling so much hope because of it. Thank you for putting your life out there, so people like me who are going through the beginning stages of this disease can see that there are many "normal" moments of happiness mixed up within all the craziness. Many blessings to your family and your little warrior!

  6. Toni,
    I am very glad you found my blog and were able to find hope in it. That is one of the main reasons I started chronicling Jacob's Journey. I found so much hope in other blogs when I was pregnant and wanted to do the same for others.

    The beginning is very rough. I can't believe all we went through last year. It does get so much easier post-Glenn. If you ever want to talk or have any questions please feel free to email me:

    Love and prayers to your heart warrior.