Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pajama holes

So I got a call from my dad the other day and he was saying he couldn't believe I have a picture of Jake on the blog with a hole in his pajamas. I started laughing and informed him that all of Jake's PJ's that have a zipper have holes in the foot. I cut the foot out so that I can hook u his pulse ox machine at night while he is sleeping. He also has a small hole on the side which we used to use for his feeding tube at night.

This started making me wonder how many other people think my poor kid is in ratty clothes lol. I thought I better post this to reassure everyone that the clothes are not falling apart... they are like that on purpose.

The things we take for granted...

When most parents go shopping for baby clothes they buy things because they are cute. When a parent of a sick child goes shopping we have to look for clothes that accommodate wires, tubes and medical equipment. I am now starting to be able to put Jake in two piece pj's which is better if I need to check his oxygen however I have to tuck in the shirt or he will try and pull out his g-tube.

The good thing is that now Jake is pretty much wireless! At one point in time he had 3 wires attached to him all night. He had the pulse ox, feeding pump and oxygen. This was so nerve racking because everyone knows you don't put things in a babies crib so imagine my fears with him having CORDS in his. He had to have it though. Now we check his pulse ox as needed so he never has cords in his bed at night (YAY!).

So my dad will be happy to know that I have stopped cutting holes in Jake's clothes!

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