Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Greatest Gift!

I had such a great Mother's Day. Last year I was in Philadelphia with Jacob as he recovered from open heart surgery. My husband and Aidan were back in West Virginia. It was heart breaking to not be with both of my boys on Mother's Day. I can't tell you how blessed I felt to have our whole family together this year. It was the greatest gift I could as for.

The boys bought me pink roses (My favorite!) and a sweet card. They also brought me breakfast in bed and my husband cleaned the house! Seriously, I could get used to that. We spent the day at my sister's house with my parents. Aidan had a blast playing with his cousins and enjoying the beautiful weather. My sister has a small bridge that goes to a fish pond. The bridge was missing a few planks so Aidan said he had to make it safe and spent hours bringing old bricks over and "Fixing" the bridge. He had SO much fun. Thank you again to my amazing family for a great day!

I was also excited to find out today that Sisters by Heart is officially a nonprofit corporation! Our next step is to obtain our 501(c)(3) status so that all of your much-appreciated contributions will be tax deductible! I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing group of women. We have sent out over 40 care packages to families of children who are newly diagnosed with HLHS. We appreciate all of the continued love and support! To learn more visit our site at

I hope each and every mother out there had a beautiful day. A special Happy Mother's Day wish to all of the mothers out there who have had to say good-bye to their precious angels. Know that you and your sweet angels are in our hearts always. I pray you were able to find some peace and comfort today.

As a tribute to all heart moms I am excited to share with you this beautiful poem that I came across. It was written by Stephanie Husted, a mother to a son with HLHS. Stephanie has such an amazing gift and her words touch my heart so deeply. Thank you Stephanie for sharing your poems with all of us. You really do need to write a book!

A Mother's Day Poem

This is for the Mother's...
(Each mother that I've known)
Whose greatest hope was someday,
To have children of her own.

For the ones who proudly rocked their dolls,
And kissed them each goodnight,
This is for the Mother's...
Who were told..."Something's not right".

This is for the mother...
Who when faced with such a trial,
Sits beside her child's bed,
Just praying all the while,

For mom's who learned of patience,
In a way that no one should,
For the mothers who know sometimes,
Life is anything but good.

When dreams of all the "oohs" and "ahhs",
As doting friends arrive,
Become instead...a battle,
To help their child thrive.

This is for the mothers...
Who refuse to face defeat,
Who become their child's advocate,
Who teach their child to eat.

Appointments fill their busy lives,
It's time to go again,
With feeding pumps, and specialists,
A tank of oxygen.

As people take a look,
Just wondering...what's wrong?
I've seen that look, a hundred times,
"You must be very strong".

The oohs and ahhs...don't matter,
Now life seems much more clear,
I'm lucky I'm his mother,
I'm blessed that he's still here.

This is for the mother....
Whose shaking hands release,
The child that she loves so much,
(And then she prays for peace)

"We will take good care of him"
The nurse says carefully,
This mother's thoughts are simple,
"Lord bring him back to me.

His life no longer in her hands,
She wonders what's in store,
This is for the mothers....
Who has walked this road before.

This is for the mother....
Whose worst fear comes to light,
"Were still not certain what went wrong...."
"We'll watch her through the night."

For mother's who sit powerless,
Praying...please let her survive,
For mother's who must go on somehow,
When their miracle doesn't arrive.

As some wake up on Mothers day...
To kisses, cards and laughs,
Other's have just memories,
and well worn photographs.

This is for the Mother's....
Who knows that it's a treasure,
To have a a child,
Their is no greater pleasure.

For runny eggs and blackened toast,
Arranged upon a tray,
With a bunch of wilted dandelions,
"Mom does it taste okay"?

For every busy restauraunt,
And every crowded mall,
The words...."I love you mama" are...
The greatest gift of all.

~Stephanie Husted
Heart Mom to Braeden

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