Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

It's Friday and I am keeping my promise to try and put up a new blog post each Friday. Not a whole lot to update. Jake is walking along walls now as well as furniture. Still not walking without holding on but progressing everyday. I forgot to mention last time that Jake's cardiologist gave us the approval to take Jake to Pappy's house this summer. Pappy turned the big 60 last year and we were not able to celebrate with all of Jake's surgeries. They are having a big celebration for him on July 3rd so we are driving up there for the week.

It is a 13 hour drive so wish us luck! Jake is not a big fan of the car. I think its because for the first year of his life the only time we went in the car was to go to doctors appointments or hospitals. Can you blame the poor kid? We plan on leaving at night so the kids can sleep most of the way. We are going to play it by ear. If the kids stay asleep we may try and do the whole 13 hours. If they are restless or we get sleepy then we are going to spend the night half way. Should be an adventure!

We will be home from there a few weeks then back on the road to go to Philadelphia for Jacob's testing. I will update more on that when I get definite dates. Right now we are looking at July 28th and 29th. That would be perfect because there is a seminar for parents of cardiac kids at CHOP on the 30th. I would love to attend.

Last weekend we had beautiful weather and spent everyday outside enjoying the sunshine. My sister had a party at her house on Sunday and I had my sister and parents over our house on Memorial Day. Jake went in the pool for the first time, it was cold so he did not like it at all. Aidan had a great time playing with his friend Draegyn. Thank you Joe and Edy for coming!

It was great getting to hang out with adults and sit by the campfire. The kids enjoyed roasting marshmallows and using sparklers (with our help of course). We stayed at my sisters until 12:30am! Ok I know that doesn't seem late to many people but for us it is lol. We are ALWAYS home for the kids bedtime. Aidan had a minor meltdown because he wanted to go home but I went inside with him and watched Shrek until he fell asleep. Jake loved hanging by the campfire and stayed up until 10pm! Then he went to sleep in his pack and play. We really had a great time. Thank you Kelley for the great food and for getting me out of my house!

Enjoy the pictures!
(All photos taken by Edy Reynolds... Thanks Edy!)

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