Monday, April 23, 2012

We have arrived...

We made to Philadelphia. My laptop keyboard is not working with me right now so I have to keep it short.

The ride up here was horrible. It poured the whole time so we were very thankful to get here safely.

Today we spent the day at CHOP. We met with cardiac anesthesia. Jacob then had to have bloodwork. His veins are so tiny and so used up it took forever for them to find one. Poor kid had heat packs on every limb and was crying so hard. After that he had a swallow study. I was so proud of him for eating and drinking everything they gave him. Everything looked great going down!

Tomorrow we will be getting a hearing screen done and a heart echo. Basically we think he is not talking because of his vocal cords but to be sure we are having his hearing tested also.

After the echo we are going to deliver a bunch of Sisters by Heart care packages to the Fetal Center for diagnosis at CHOP. I love being able to bring Jacob and drop off these packages full of goodies to make the hospital stay a little bit easier for families who are just beginning this journey. Most of all I love being able to watch Jacob spread Hope! I am also excited to meet up with one of my fellow heart sisters!

Jacob's surgery is on Wednesday. As of now we need to be there by 6am. If they end up having to do the major reconstructive surgery then he will be in surgery for 5 hours. Please keep him in your prayers.

I will update as often as I can but this keyboard is driving me nuts. I probably won't be able to update the blog until Wednesday night. The fastest way to get updates is through my facebook page. I can post updates on there through my phone and will as I can.

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Thank you to everyone for all of the support. Handing over my son for yet another major surgery is beyond difficult but I have faith that he will be ok.



  1. Will be keeping Jacob and all of you in my prayers!

  2. We will be praying for Jacob. Jacob & my daughter Raygen have so much in common. My daughter Raygen was born on March 23rd 2011 with HLHS and both her vocal cords were also paralyzed. Raygen had to have a trach but thank goodness only for a few months. Raygen still has one paralyzed vocal cord. We will be praying and sending warm thoughts your way. God Bless.