Monday, April 30, 2012

Wish us luck...

Jacob is having a scope tomorrow morning at 7:30. They will be looking to see how his airway is healing. If everything looks good they will put in a smaller vent tube to allow for more room in his airway.if they think it looks good enough they will extubate him on Wednesday. He is starting steroids tonight to help with any inflammation in his airway. If they decide that he can be extubated on Wednesday they will begin to power ween him off of his sedation meds and the vent tomorrow. Please pray for his comfort because he is on a large amount of meds.

They started giving him anxiety and pain meds through his tube to help prepare him for the transition but it is going to be really rough. To give you an idea he had 33 rescues yesterday. A rescue is basically a large dose of the meds he is also on continuous by IV. So he is getting three meds through iv plus needing rescues almost every hour and getting them through tube. Even with all of this he is STILL waking up every hour or two and aware enough to squeeze my hand and try to open his eyes. He is also cracking up his nurses because he keeps kicking his leg up into a figure four position which is what he does at home too. I hope the fact that he is still waking up through the meds will mean his weening will be easier. Meds or not he is going to be pretty ticked off when he wakes up.

The good news about extubation is I can hold him again! I hold his hand all of the time but it is not the same. Jacob will also have to learn to breathe, swallow and eat again so please pray he doesn't struggle. It is going to be a rough few weeks but my baby is a tough cookie and I know we will get there. I have some cute pictures of him with a Mohawk that his nurse and I gave him but I am on the iPad so I will have to put those on tomorrow's update.

I also was able to get away for an hour and have coffee with some other heart moms tonight. Andy watched Jake and it was so great being able to hang out with them for a while. I met Katrina the other day, she was so sweet and brought us a goody bag to help with the stay. Her son Stosh has been having issues with his oxygen levels and medication. Please pray the doctors can figure it out so they can get out of the hospital. Stacie I had never met in person but chatted online with. It was great getting to finally meet her. Her son Kellen was here because he had a respiratory bug and was dessatting. They should be able to go home tomorrow! Thank you ladies for getting me out even just to another floor for a while. It helps especially talking with people who walk this journey every day. Wish us luck with the scope and week ahead. I will update tomorrow!

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