Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home is in sight...

I have a lot to write about but for now I just want to give a very quick update. Jacob is doing well. We had a bad day yesterday and he now has a blood clot in his jugular vein. He will need to have Lovenox shots twice a day to help prevent the clot from getting worse and help the body naturally dissolve it. We will also need to go to Cincinnati every few months to have ultrasounds done of the clot to see if it is going away.

I will go into more detail over that later but for now we are grateful that Jacob is ok and moving forward with his treatment and recovery. We were told a long time ago that his groin cath sites were occluded but he had an ultrasound tonight to check the sites and there is a chance they are now healed and can be used for future caths. I will find out for sure tomorrow during rounds.

Jake showing off his coloring skills.

Jake had his bronche yesterday and his airway looks beautiful. ENT actually discharged him from their service. We are working with Speech and today he ate a container of applesauce and drank some Chocolate milk. He didn't seem to have any problems. He actually was not happy with how quickly the therapist was shoveling it in and grabbed the spoon to feed himself lol. Tomorrow we will take him off continuous feeds and get on  more of a "Normal" schedule. I will probably have to supplement through his tube with pediasure for a while. He got a brand new g-tube yesterday as well.

If I sit real still and put this bucket on my head maybe they won't know I'm here.

They cut his morphine in half today and will stop it completely tomorrow. He will go home on valium but I will have a weening schedule so he won't go through withdrawal. Tomorrow I will have a training class about giving him the injections he will need daily for his clot. Thursday he will have a swallow study to make sure that he is still not having any issues with food.

Friday we will be discharged! We are going to the Ronald McDonald House and leaving to drive home Saturday Morning.

I will write a bunch more later but didn't want to leave Jake's fans hanging. Thank you so much for all of the prayers. My little fighter is doing very well! AND HE IS SO QUIET!!!!!

Thank you for the Puzzles Bennett Family they have really kept me busy!


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