Friday, March 22, 2013

Three years ago...

The first time I saw my beautiful warrior... 3 years ago.
Three years ago I was sitting in a hotel room scared beyond belief, unsure if my child would survive. Three years ago I knew my life would never be the same but I had no idea I would find my purpose in life. Three years ago today I was preparing for the birth of my heart baby. I thought I knew what to expect but I really had no clue. I was supposed to be anticipating one of the greatest joys of my life. Instead I was scared to death of the possibility that I may have to say good-bye to him forever.

This journey has been a roller coaster full of emotions. We hit so many different odds and had many curve balls thrown at us throughout the past three years. It has also been the greatest three years of my life. Jacob is such a blessing to our entire family. He has taught us all what life is truly about. We have met so many amazing families throughout our journey who we never would have met had it not been for Jacob. We have been able to help others through his story and find strength in theirs. What I had thought was my biggest fear has turned into our biggest blessing. Jacob and Aidan are my greatest gifts and I am so grateful I was chosen to be their mother.

Tomorrow my beautiful little heart warrior will turn three years old. A day I wasn't sure I would ever see. A day I celebrate with all of my heart and soul. I am blessed beyond words. 

You continue to amaze me by your strength, inspire me to be a better person and teach me that together we can overcome any obstacle that we face. Happy birthday beautiful boy. I love you more than life itself and I am so very proud of you!




  1. Happy Birthday Jacob!!
    I think it's so great Jacob and Raygen share the same birthday. Your warrior will be 3 and mine will be 2. I hope you all have a great day!!

  2. Ahhh this is adorable! He has come SO far. Happy almost birthday sweet Jakey!!!

  3. Hi Baker Family ~ I've read through your amazing journey and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my hubby and I so much hope. I am 20-weeks pregnant with twins and just found out that our son, Cameron has HLHS. It was by far the most devastating news we've received in our life. Thank God, his twin sister, Stella is healthy as can be. We also have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who is healthy, happy, full of life, and such a little diva. Do you by chance know of any fellow heart moms that have twins, and other children? It would be nice to relate to another mom with twins and another child to care for during this long heart journey. I will continue to pray for your sweet little Jacob!

    1. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy you have been able to find some hope and comfort in our story. I remember not long ago being pregnant ans scared of the "Unknowns" and now we are gearing up for teh Fontan!

      Greg Olsen of the Carolina Panthers actually has twins, a boy and a girl. The boy TJ was born with HLHS. They also have another child.

      Have you requested a package from Sisters by Heart yet? We send out care packages to newly diagnosed families. They are full of items to help make your journey a little bit easier. Just go to and click on the "Nominate a family" tab at the top of the page.

      We also have a site called Linked by Heart. It is a database with over 300 registered hlhs families. You can search for families all across the country by hospital, location, stage of journey etc. You may be able to find other "Twin" families by looking on there. You can read through profiles or link to other blogs.

      Praying for your little ones. Let me know if I can help or if you have any questions, need to vent or just talk to someone who "Gets it".

      My email is <3

  4. Hi there....your story is winderful. I also have a hlhs baby. She is 8 mnths old now and doing wonderdul! Will keep you in our prayers! Jen