Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back on Schedule...

We got the call we have been waiting for today. CHOP called to let us know that Jacob will be having his Fontan tomorrow morning. We also got into the Ronald McDonald House. Things are finally falling into place.

We need to be at CHOP at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Jacob is first on Dr. Spray's schedule. First he will have a MRI scan of his brain. This is a research study that we are participating in. They will look at the blood flow to his brain now and then compare it with the blood flow in 6 months after he has his Fontan. This will allow them to see if the difference contributes to developmental delays. We also wanted to participate because it will show us if Jacob has ever had a stroke or if there is anything else contributing to his speech delays.

After he is taken back we will go meet with Dr. Spray to discuss the surgery and ask him any questions we may have. Then he will go down and once again operate on our beautiful baby boys heart. This is the third time we have handed Jake over for open heart surgery, 5th surgery he has had (g-tube, airway). It never gets easier to hand him over but we know he is in the best hands possible.

The past few days have been crazy but I am glad we are back on track. The boys had a great night tonight playing and exploring the Ronald McDonald House. Jake was in LOVE with the trains. 

This is the first ever Ronald McDonald House. The architecture is beautiful!

Aidan met a new friend, Perry. They built a really cool dragon out of legos.

Please pray for our baby boy as he enters this next stage in his journey. I will try and post as soon as I can to let everyone know how it went.

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