Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another day hanging out in the CCU...

Post Fontan Day 15

Jacob's chest x-ray looked a little better today, YAY! Not too much to report other then that. All of his labs look good so they don't need to stick him tomorrow... double yay! Today he was on oral diuretics only, no IV diuretics. If his X-ray looks the same or better tomorrow then we may be able to go you know where. It is all riding on that. I am a little nervous because he has not drank as much today and is not peeing a lot. I have been trying to shove the sippy cup at him as much as I can lol. If it looks any worse then we will be stuck here the weekend so praying it looks better. People have been asking me all day if we are going home tomorrow. I am so afraid to jinx it. His cardiologist came by to see him this evening and Jake was driving all around the cardiac unit in a lightening McQueen car. He said "Looks like he is ready to go home". I just replied "We would love to, fingers crossed".

His buddy Sophia went home today and we seem to do everything at the same time so maybe that is a good sign. Another little boy who was here for the Fontan and went home last week came back tonight because of the fluid. It scares me because I know it can come back anytime and he still has some but I know they won't send him home unless they are sure. The fluid will take a while to reabsorb and he will be on diuretics for quite some time to make sure it stays away. If we do go H_____ tomorrow then we will go in for a chest x-ray at our local hospital on Monday morning. We will have to do a lot of follow up to make sure we monitor the lungs and fluid. 

Jake is beyond ready to get out of here. Tonight he literally tried to jump OFF his bed. He gave me a sly grin and I noticed his legs were hanging off the bed and he was scooting off. I ran over to catch him. I have since lowered his bed as much as I could and warned all of the nurses that he is crazy lol. He has been out of bed and running around most of the day. He just looks awesome. Love my boys so much.

I hope to write tomorrow from my own home but we will see what the xray shows. Until then here are some pictures of my little monster from today. Enjoy.

Laughing with a mouth full of food!

Super Aidan!
Looking for a way to escape.
Crazy Man behind the wheel :)

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