Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some Pictures

Jacob has had a rough day. He is starting to get really annoyed at the environment and all of the talking, machines, not eating etc. He has been trying to pull out his vent all day! We gave him some baby Valium to calm him for a bit.

They are treating his infection with a few antibiotics. The hope is he will be rid of it in a day or two and have his surgery by Wednesday.

I look at this infection as a way of him having a few more days for his lungs to mature. The xrays look so much better already. They will monitor him and if his organs show signs that he needs the surgery sooner they will weigh the risks. As of now, he looks good so it is better to wait than to risk the infection spreading because of surgery.

Here are a few pictures I took a few days ago of Jacob's cool pad and some of him resting.

This is Jacob's bed. We decorated it so it was more comfy for him. His amazing nurses made him this cool sign with his name and the Monster's Inc. characters.

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  1. His blanket looks so cozy and soft! You're doing a great job momma. <3