Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sorry for not posting more often

I am sorry I have not been on here more posting. I have been so exhausted by the end of the day that I have not had the energy.

Jacob did much better yesterday. Boy is everyone right when they say it is a rollercoaster ride. His lungs did not change much but he was more comfortable and he didn't have oxygen issues like the day before. They are not doing a chest tube at this time. They are hoping the lungs will clear more on their own.

As of now his heart surgery is scheduled for Monday. This could change based on how he does but if he continues to improve like he has then he should be able to go.

I will give more details later I need to go play with Aidan some before I go to the hospital. Please continue to keep Jacob in your prayers.

Thank you all for the support and prayers, they mean so much to us.

Kathy, Andy, Aidan and Jacob


  1. Praise the Lord that Jacob had a better day and his heart surgery has been scheduled! We will continue to pray for his strength and recovery as he prepares for his Norwood. God is good -- keep trusting in Him!

    Heart hugs!

  2. Glad to hear things are getting better for baby Jacob!! Keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers!

  3. Kathy...just a quick little message to let you know that i am praying daily for your family and for that precious liitle baby of yours.
    I also don't think you should have to say sorry for not posting all the time on your blog or facebook..we all understand the stress and everythimg your going through.
    keep your chin up and stay strong mama...Jacob will pull through this ...keep the faith Kathy!
    tons of ♥ hugs being sent your way!
    ♥ shawna ♥