Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We have a date!

We had a great visit to C.H.O.P. yesterday. Jacob did great and I am so proud of him!

My c-section is scheduled for March 23rd, around 8:30am. They want to make sure he is as mature as possible and I will be 38 weeks on that date.

First off I want to say I will never complain about rush hour in WV ever again! I sat on I-95 for an hour and a half just trying to get into Philly yesterday morning. Luckily I left very early.

I had my appointment with the OB staff first and they did an ultrasound to see how he was growing. His measurements showed he weighed a little over 6 pounds. He has been gaining about a half a pound a week which is really good. Like usual his lungs were breathing away the whole time. They told me that he was a happy healthy baby in me, which is kind of bitter sweet. I am so glad he is happy and developing so well but I know once he is born he will have to fight. But he got an 8 out of 10 which they said was excellent. They said that the heart condition has not affected his development at all. Babies who are very sick tend to not mimic breathing much and don't grow as well. He is doing great! He is still kicking away all of the time so I know he is still my little fire ball! They said they were very happy with what they saw.

I met with the anesthesiologist and discussed the procedure for a repeat csection. Its not as easy as the first c-section because of scar tissue so they need to give the spinal but also put in a line so they can give me more if it takes longer. We discussed other medications as well. I told them I don't want any drugs that will knock me out or make me loopy. I am all for pain control but I also want to be alert and know what is going on with Jacob.

I also met with one of the surgeons and discussed getting my tubes tied. Andy and I have talked about this subject a lot over the past few months and we both agree that no matter what the outcome we are not going to have any more children. HLHS may be linked to genetics and I just can't go through another pregnancy wondering/fearing that this could happen again. There are many cases where it happens multiple times. If we didn't have Aidan I wouldn't do it but we do have him and are so blessed his heart is ok. I pray Jacob makes it and I think he will, we will have our hands full and won't be having a third. If something happens and he doesnt make it, I just could not risk it again. So I will be having a tubal at the same time as my csection.

Then I went for Jacob's heart echo and hyper oxygenation test. This is the one I always fear. I am always worried about his atrial septal defect. He passed with flying colors! I actually heard the "B" word again "Better"! Our cardiologist and coordinator are so great, they have been so sweet and helpful through out all of this. I am so grateful to have them.

We went over the results and they said Jacob's lungs reacted very well to the oxygenation test and the blood flow looked even better before so they are not worried about the atrial septal defect. THANK YOU GOD! They planned a regular c-section. Jacob won't need to have immediate intervention. If it had gotten worse then they would have had to take him immediately and possibly punctured a hole in his heart right at birth. That would have made him very sick and his odds would have been much worse for surgery. BUT, they don't think this will be the case so they are not planning any of that. They think he should be fine to wait for surgery. His numbers have gotten better and better with each echo so the prayers are working and I can not thank everyone enough for that. I am so proud of my little fighter and I know he will do great.

I also met with the lactation consultant and discussed what the routine will be and how he will be feed. I got a lot of great information. A research coordinator also came in to discuss different research projects they have going on. As much as I want to help find a cure for this and help with research I also just can't put Jacob through anymore than he already has to endure. I told them that if they want my blood or Andy's that is fine but I just want Jacob to only go through the bare minimum which is already too much. I can't put him on experimental drugs or other tests that could affect his recovery. I feel bad because I want to help but I just can't do it at his expense. He is already having to go through way to much. Maybe when he is older we can help participate in one but for now my whole family agrees its just to risky.

So overall, a GREAT day. The test's could not have gone better. He weighs 6 pounds, due on March 23rd. Echo showed great function and blood flow so normal c-section planned. Ultrasound showed he is developing great and thriving.

As always, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the prayers and support. Please continue to pray for baby Jacob. I know he is a fighter and he can beat this and I will do everything in my power to help him through.

We love you baby Jacob and will fight for you always. We are so proud of you already!
Love Mommy, Daddy, and Aidan!


  1. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

    ~The Ashcrafts
    Carepages: babycassiana

  2. Kathy, I've been looking forward to this update!! I'm so thankful for Jacob's great "report card". You know I'm loving all the details you so wonderfully shared here!
    Will keep praying for Jacob, you and your family.
    Also wanted you to know I'm friends with Nicole Slaughter...we go to the same church!! I saw her comment on here and Jacob's update on her facebook!!
    Looking forward to the next update!
    Lori of your Charleston PA's :)

  3. What a great update! I will be praying for your family in the next few weeks for sure - I know how unsettling the last few weeks are. From one heart mama to another, know that I'm praying for you and Baby Jacob daily - and we'll all get through this journey together. God bless you!!

  4. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. Lori, what a small world! Nicole is my mom's neighbor. She is such a fun person, we love her. I am getting more nervous but Jacob is doing great and I know he is a fighter. I will let everyone know when Jacob arrives and I will post pictures too!

  5. Hello!

    I just found your blog and read alittle about baby Jacob. I can't imagine what you are going through, but I will keep you in my prayers. Hoping March 23 goes smoothly!

    My name is Lauren and I'm a 22yr. old CHD survivor. You posted my CHD Montage on your CHD Awareness post, so I'm guessing you may have seen my blog? If not it's

    Hang in there! Take it one day at a time and try to look at the positive. Though the CHD world can be so unfair, I consider my mended heart a blessing.

    Heart Hugs,