Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to the world Jacob Dylan Baker

Jacob Dylan Baker
Born 9:23am on March 23rd, 2010
7lbs. 12oz.
Looks exactly like his brother Aidan. Even weighed the same at birth.

I will keep this short for now but promise to do a full update tomorrow. Jacob has had a very rough start. The tissue in his heart collapsed soon after birth and caused too much restriction at the atrial septum. They had to do a heart cath to open it up. They placed a stint and so far his oxygen is doing good and the heart looks like they want it to. However there is fluid on his lungs and they are trying to get that off. His lungs are not in good shape, he apparently had gotten very very sick because of the heart. They can't do his heart surgery until they can get the lungs working properly so please pray that his lungs clear up soon.

Jacob also has bruising and they are trying to see if its from them having a hard time getting him out of me or if there is something else going on, such as an clotting disorder.

Jacob has to be on a vent for now, although they have lowered it. He is completely sedated and paralyzed so his body can heal.

I will update tomorrow but until them please pray for Jacob.

Love you Jacob, please have a peaceful night my sweet baby boy


  1. Many prayers of healing and strength for baby Jacob and his family!

  2. Our prayers are with your whole family especially for baby Jacob...
    May God continue to Bless and Heal him..

    -hazel ( mom of elijah ) HLHS

  3. Praying for your family and for little Jacob. Congratulations! He's adorable!
    Heart Hugs,
    Aly's mommy, (HLHS) Jenny

  4. He is so cute! I am praying for you and your family expecially for Jacob

  5. Jacob is just adorable! Praying for the little guy, you, and the rest of the family! May God comfort and Guide you during this time!

    Sending you LOTS of **Heart Hugs**!

    With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,
    Lauren (22yr. old w/Tricuspid Atresia, HRHS)

    Blog: www.laurensheart.blogspot.com

  6. Congratulation. Your boy looks amazing. Hoping and praying for the best.


    Ruth's dad (HLHS - waiting on a heart)

  7. Sending lots of Heart Hugs to baby Jacob and family!!! He is beautiful!!! Will be praying!
    Joy and Jilliann