Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Amazing Advancements in Medicine

I had Jacob's stem cells harvested when I found out about his CHD. My hope was that one day in the future medical advancements would make it possible to grow a human heart. A heart which one day could save his life. That day has already begun.

This video choked me up because it give me hope. I pray Jacob's heart will last him forever but the reality is that one day he may need a heart transplant.

2 years ago if you would have told me they were trying to grow a human heart I would have told you that it was crazy. That was before my eyes were opened to this world. This world of seeing families praying everyday for a second chance for their child. This world where children fight for their lives with a smile on their face. So many children and adults die each year while waiting for a new heart. This could change that. Plus even better with this heart there would be no chance of rejection. Thank God for these researchers and doctors.


During our last stay at CHOP I met with genetics. I agreed for them to take a DNA sample from Andy, Jacob and myself. They also took a piece of heart tissue that would have been thrown away during Jake's Glenn.

Jake will help with two research studies. One that looks at what causes these heart defects to occur. They are looking at folic acid and how for some women it does not matter how much you take, your body may just not be able to process it like it should. They are also doing a study on the hypoplastic heart condition and why every hypoplast has a different outcome.

I may not hear anything for years but it will be so great to tell Aidan or Jacob what they found. Hopefully we will have a better picture on their risk of having a child with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome or CHD in general.

I want to help in any way I can. The more we know the more we can do to help these babies.

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  1. I think it is great what you are doing. I watched on the news yesterday as they were discussing putting a halt on stem cell research funding by the government. Of course one of the studies they were showing that research has helped is growing heart tissues that beats. I was amazed but also sad at the thought that research may take longer to reach breakthroughs because of a lack in funding.