Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I will write a longer post tomorrow but I wanted to let everyone know WE ARE HOME!

We actually got home last night. Jacob did so well in the car so we were able to make the whole trip in one day. I am still amazed that here we are a week after surgery HOME!

Jacob is doing very well. He is on oxygen still so we are adjusting to that and in the process of trying to ween him off of that.

You would never know he even had surgery a week ago. He is smiling, laughing and glad to be home.

I am really tired so I promise I will write more later. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. The support means so much to our family.

The Bakers


  1. i think its amazing and wonderful you are home ALREADY. I would have never said a week. Maybe it's helping a lot that our boys are getting older and stronger and the open-heart surgery of 5 months ago (at least with my guy) isn't as taxing as it was then. Not that it's a small feat, by any means... so kudos to Jake, and you for being such a great Mommy. Now stay home forever until your next planned visit!!! <3

  2. YEAHHHH...what a wonderful feeling for all of you. I bet you are loving every minute of the day. They are amazing aren't they?