Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jacob is now in surgery

We met with Dr. Spray he was very positive. He said that the odds of not making it through this surgery are very low. He was very please with Jacob's weight gain. He said he breathes a sigh of relief when we get to this point because the highest risk is the first surgery and the waiting period between the two.

Dr. Spray did mention there was talk of doing a lung biopsy but he does not feel it is necessary. He believes like the other doctors believe that his breathing will get better with time. He said if there is a piece of lung that is hanging out and easy to get he will but otherwise he is not doing it.

He also was not concerned about the atrial septum. He said that he thinks he got all that he could the first time. He said its a small area and when you have an intact septum like Jake with a stint in the heart then it is even harder. He said his pressures were all very good and the cath was reassuring.

The surgery should take 2 to 3 hours. I will update in a hour or so.

Please continue to pray for my sweet boy.

The Bakers

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