Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jacob is out of surgery

Just met with Dr. Spray. Everything is good. He tried to get the rest of the septum but was unable to get anymore cut out and a hole was punctured through the back of his heart. He said he was able to stitch it up and there is no bleeding. He said that should not affect his recovery. He had warned us that it could happen. He said the opening is plenty big and he is not concerned about it. They almost did not need any RA lines however his pressures dropped a bit so they put one in to administer Dopamine.

They already have him off of the vent. They are waiting right now and watching him to see if he will be ok off of it.

We have not seen him yet but should be allowed back soon.

Thank you for the prayers. Please continue to pray for a smooth recovery.

Thank you!

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  1. glad surgery went well keep up the good work Jacob!
    praying for continued recovery