Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jake looks great

I have been sitting with Jake. He looks so great compared to what he looked like after the Norwood. We are having some issues managing his pain. He woke up twice right after surgery and was in a lot of pain and crying. It was unbelievably sad but I was glad I was there to hold his hand. They just increased his pain meds.

He is doing well off of the vent. Has a small amount of oxygen through the nasal canula to help him out. Not much draining out of the chest tube and he is peeing a lot which is great! Blood gasses look perfect and his blood pressure is much better. They already stopped the dopamine. He is still on Milranone (I know my spelling is way off on these).

I will update later with pictures.

The Bakers


  1. Yay! He is an amazing little man!

  2. Wow, this is SUCH a wonderful, wonderful update!! I'm so thrilled for you. Way to go Jake!!!

  3. i am glad everything is going well jacob is a strong baby