Saturday, August 7, 2010

Moving Down!

Jake is now 14pounds 4 ounces! Even with the surgery our little miracle is gaining weight. We are so proud of you my not so little peanut!

Good-bye CICU hello CCU:
Jake just moved to the step down unit (The Cardiac Care Unit). He has his own room which is nice so he can finally get some rest. It is a really big room because it was once intended for 2 babies but the way it was designed is not good if there were an emergency and you had to get the second baby out. So the other side is my living room lol. When Jake is asleep I can use it to watch TV or talk on the phone and not disturb him but still be right in the same room with him.

Jake kicked off his last IV last night so all he has left is his Oxygen. He is still SATing a bit low without it so we are hoping that is just from pain and it will get better. We will ween him off now that he is over here.

Poor baby has been in a lot of pain today. Those dreaded Glenn Headaches hit with vengeance. He looks like his head is going to explode. He is a little swollen and red. His skin looks modeled (red and splotchy). You can see it in his eyes that he does not feel well. Luckily the morphine is helping and he is resting. He is not crying much but he gets really fussy and kicks and you can just see the pain. Praying these headaches go away quickly.

They are caused by the pressures backing up in his lungs. Basically they re-routed his blood to go directly to the lungs. The lungs are adjusting to the new added pressure. So the pressure backs up and causes swelling and headaches. They usually only last a few days.

Other than that Jake is doing very well. His bandage is off of his incision and it looks good. His color is good and he is always warm. I am leaving him alone unless he cries and then I hold him. Otherwise I want him to get some much needed rest. His feeds were increased to 75ml during the day and he is tolerating that very well.

We will speak to the team on Monday about circumcision and the skin tag removal. It almost seems cruel to me to put him through that after all he has been through however many of the boys get it done after the Glenn. If we wait until his fontan he will be older and will be more aware of it. It may extend our stay a few days since he will have to be put on anesthesia to get it done. I will leave it up to the docs here to decide if they think he is recovered well enough to have it done. I know its a simple procedure compared to the Glenn but still I don't want to put him through too much.

Thank you all for the continued prayers. They are working please keep it up!

The Bakers

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