Sunday, August 8, 2010

Much Better Day!

Jacob had a much better day today!

The day started out kind of rough. Jake was up from about 4 to 6am with gas pain. He had not had a bowel movement since Friday so I said we should hold off on the morphine since it is probably constipating him. We decided to see how he did without it and that proved to be the best thing for him. He is still getting Tylenol every 6 hours. His swelling and redness on his face has gone away and he has been much more alert today. He even had a few smiles for daddy.

He has been having gas pain once in a while. We gave him a suppository and that did not work so we gave him some Mirilax. He had a small amount of diarrhea but we are hoping the Mirilax will get some more out of him and give him some more relief.

He is still deSATing which is a concern. He is on 2 liters of o2 and he drops down to the low 70's or high 60s occasionally. His right lung has some fluid on it so they upped his diuretics. He is now on 8 medications daily! Seriously I thought we were going to go down on meds but we are going up! Oh well at least he is feeling better and he is now peeing like he should be. His SATs are good when he is sitting up but when I lay him down he deSATs. This is due to the fluid on his lungs.

They are going to do an echo tomorrow to get a better idea of what is going on. Praying that it is not because of the pulmonary vein. The hole that was punctured in the back of his heart was right next to the pulmonary vein. If that is leaking it can cause the type of deSAT that Jake is having. This fluid is also common with the surgery even without a leak in the vein. Praying Jake's fluid is just from the surgery and not the pulmonary vein.

It is the weekend and not much happens on the weekend. Tomorrow should be a busy day. I will talk to the team about whether or not he should have a circumcision and the skin tag removed. We will get the echo and discuss the fluid on his lung and what our discharge plans are.

So overall Jake is doing GREAT! We have had a good day and praying for an even better day tomorrow.

The Bakers

This was pretty funny. This bouncer should be upright but Jake is so heavy it is parallel with the bed and the bottom actually touches the bed. Gave us a good laugh.

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  1. Love the photos of Jake weighing down the bouncy seat! We laughed at your "proof" photo :) Glad to hear Jake is doing so well. Anxious to hear what Szwast says tomorrow and how the echo turns out. Love ya!