Sunday, September 5, 2010

Echo looks good!


Sorry I did not update sooner! The echo looked good. His aorta and septum were both wide open. His heart function is the same as Pre-Glenn... on the lower side of normal, so he will remain on the captopril. His tricuspid valve is still mildly leaky but nothing abnormal for a hypoplast. All in all he looks very stable and we don't have to go back to the cardiologist for another month!

Jake has been holding his SATs in the 80s so he has been completely off of the oxygen for days. He is tolerating his new feeding schedule very well and loving the baby food!

He is also doing great with the med changes. He has not been puffy at all and is still peeing well which is great considering we decreased his diuretics.


Jake is teething really bad. Have not seen any come through but he is constantly chewing on everything.. including mommy! He is also slobbering quite a bit.

He is grabbing at everything... including his g-tube.

He is tolerating tummy time very well and passing objects from one hand to another.

Jake is also getting more verbal. When he is mad he says "mmmum mum mum" Not so sure I like that he says mum when he is mad because it sounds so close to mom but on the other hand he has no excuse not to say "Mama" for his first word since he has the "M" sound down! Aidan said "dada" first so its only fair!

Jake continues to take the bottle well. Since we use the tube less he is not getting irritated at the g-tube site and that has eliminated many of his tummy troubles. The main issue with his tummy now is the gas he gets from drinking the bottle.

I am constantly amazed by our little miracle.

Pappy, Mimi and I took Aidan to Yeager airport today. They had planes, helicopters- and cars on display and he was able to go inside of the planes. Daddy stayed home with Jake since we are still not taking him out. It was a beautiful day and so nice to get some "Aidan" time!

We are truly blessed to have such great kids.

Funny line of the day:
On the way home Aidan asked Pappy if he knew what "Humble" meant. Then he said "Humble means I am perfect." LOL. I think I better nip that in the bud quickly, although I could not help but to laugh. Gotta love kids!

Aidan and Mommy on the Helicopter

Hanging out in the airplane

Unwinding after a perfect day!

Smiles for Mommy!

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