Sunday, September 19, 2010

Heart Walk 2010

Team Jacob 2010

The American Heart Association Start! Heart walk was a huge success. Team Jacob collected $1765.00! We had beautiful weather and I was so touched by how many people came out in their Team Jacob shirts to support our sweet baby boy.

Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in the walk.

WCHSTV/FOX11 did a news report on the Heart Walk and focused on Team Jacob. I am trying to get a copy of the story so I can show it on the blog. They told the stories of both my Jake and also the story of Jacob Roth.

My Jacob is only half of Team Jacob. I met a wonderful mom when I was pregnant with Jake, her name is Michelle Roth. She reached out to me after reading the article that I did with the Daily Mail. We had become friends through emails but until the walk had not been able to meet in person. Her Jacob is 2 years old and he has Tricuspid atresia. The right side of his heart did not form in-utero.

Jacob Roth- 2yrs Tricuspid atresia
(Son of Pete and Michelle Roth)

We hope to have our boys grow up together and know that they have someone who is traveling a similar path. We also hope to team up to do even more awareness events. Thank you to the Roth family for their support and friendship during through this journey. I am so happy we finally got to meet and hope to see you soon!


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