Friday, September 17, 2010

See you at the walk!

Me and my Boys
(minus Daddy but he was at work)

The American Heart Association Start! Heart Walk will take place tomorrow in Charleston, WV. I hope to see everyone there as we celebrate those who continue to fight this battle and those who were taken too soon. Jacob will not be at the walk, we still feel it is to risky for him to be around that many people. Especially right now when everyone seems to be sick. He will be at home with daddy but his big brother Aidan will be representing him.

Thank you again to everyone who supported Team Jacob. Together we raised over $1600 for heart disease and stroke research. Thank you for making a difference!

Jake, Aidan and I had a fun time playing outside today while daddy was at work. Jake had his first ride in a swing. He wasn't to impressed. Oh and Jake was weighed today. He is now 16 pounds! Go Jake Go.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!


  1. Love the pics - especially that last one!!!

  2. LOOOVE these pics. Print them, laminate them, and put them in whatever keepsake box you are keeping (cuz i KNOW you have one!). Blow up the one of you and the boys at your head and hang it on a wall somewhere. Too good to keep out of sight! Good stuff.