Sunday, February 27, 2011

Praying for good news


Jacob is doing very well. He is crawling everywhere and does really well getting up and down and pivoting from the sitting position. He has started getting all of his brothers toys so the dreaded sibling fights have begun. I have to say I LOVE IT! It is so blissfully normal lol. He is gabbering really well now too. He now says da-da all of the time and ma-ma here and there. Andy and I are pretty sure that he thinks I am da-da. I recently went on a short vacation with 2 of my fellow Heart Sisters and Jake did not talk much while I was gone. They said he laughed and was happy but would not say da-da. As soon as I walked in the door he started saying da-da like crazy lol. He is also saying ba-ba and a few other random sounds. Its so cute hearing him talk. I can't believe how big he is getting. Where did my little baby go? Before I know it Jake will be running all over the house!

We still are tube free! He loves to eat. I swear Jake would eat all day long if he could. He especially loves snack time. I have never seen a kid shove cheerios in his mouth so fast lol. He can chew really well now thanks to the new teeth! He now has 2 bottom teeth and 2 on top, with 2 more coming in. Overall he is developing so well and we couldn't be more proud.


Jake will have testing done this week at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Please send positive vibes his way as its going to be a rough week for him. On Wednesday the whole family will be traveling to Cincinnati for Jacob's appointments. We were going to leave Aidan with my parents but their house was attacked by the FLU so that is out of the question. They have been quarantined from seeing the kids until its been out of the house for at least a week. We can't risk it! So the whole gang is headed to Cincinnati.

On Thursday we will meet with the ENT and discuss the scope they will be doing the next day. We will also discuss the skin tag they are going to remove from his ear.

Friday the ENT and Pulmonary doctors will team up and do two separate scopes on Jacob to look at his upper airway and figure out why his breathing is not improving. They will also be removing his skin tag and then he will go for a Cardiac Echo.

These are minor procedures compared to everything else Jake has been through however he will undergo cardiac anesthesia. I get nervous anytime he goes under because his oxygen levels tend to be lower for a while afterward and there is always risk involved especially for a hypoplast. Jacob's will most likely stay overnight to be monitored. I feel much better knowing he will be in a hospital in case he does have oxygen issues.

Please pray that Jacob handles everything well and is able to be released on Saturday. Also please pray that the results do not show vocal cord paralysis and that it is nothing severe. I still have the fear of the word "Tracheotomy" creeping in. Jacob is so happy and is starting to talk so well. His voice sounds normal when he is saying words like da-da and ba-ba but we do need to know why he continues to have rapid, noisy breathing. This will better prepare us for when he does end up getting a cold. The fear is that his airway could close which would be fatal so it is important to know exactly what is going on. Praying that it is something that will resolve on its own and our baby won't have to go through anything else.

Also as always we are praying his cardiac echo continues to look good. This is a huge fear for me right now with the news of Travis passing. Every time you go for a heart echo you can't help but fear what they will see. Pray Jacob's heart function is good and there is no narrowing and no leakage from his tricuspid valve.

I will update when I can however I will not be leaving his side at the hospital so please don't worry if I don't post on Friday. I appreciate all of the prayers so much.

The Bakers


  1. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers for a successful week of appointments!! ((hugs))