Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Heart Hero

I am happy to say there is no real news to report. Jake is amazing as always. Thank GOD the cold never amounted to anything. He had a little cough for a week or so and that was it. He never had any other symptoms and his oxygen levels stayed in the 80s which is where they are supposed to be. The last time I checked him he was actually registering at 90 which is awesome for him.

Jake has a cardiology appointment on Tuesday with his best buddy Dr. Heydarian. It is just a routine check up so it should be uneventful but I will write a post next week letting everyone know how it went.

Until then here is a quick run down of what we have been up to.


The Easter bunny was great to Aidan and Jake this year. They both got big baskets full of goodies. Aidan and Jake both helped make brownies to take over Grandma's and Grandpa's for Easter dinner.

Aidan had so much fun this year doing an Easter hunt with his cousins. A special thanks to my sister for buying all of the goodies for the egg hunt and organizing it. And to my parents for an amazing dinner as always!


On Saturday Jake got a special gift in the mail. A Heart Hero cape! I heard about them on facebook and requested one for him a few months ago.

Heart Heroes was created by 3 moms who have children with congenital heart defects. After seeing their children face the challenges of heart operations and cardiology appointments, the moms of these heart heroes decided to create the opportunity for all children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) to have a Heart Hero Cape. Thank you Heart Heroes for Jake's cape. Big brother Aidan also had lots of fun wearing it and pretending to be a super hero.

Click here to Donate a Cape to a child with a CHD


It has rained here everyday for as long as I can think back. We were all getting pretty sick of being stuck inside. Luckily we had a break from the rain on Saturday and I was able to take the boys for a playdate at the park! My friend Natalie and her little boy Alex joined us and we had a great time.

It was so nice for Aidan to be able to play with friends. I feel bad that he doesn't get out more often. We had to take him out of daycare when we had Jake because we couldn't risk Jake getting sick. Aidan was sick every week when he was in daycare. Since we took him out he has only had one cold in a year! It has been great for his health but I feel bad that he doesn't get to play with kids his age very often.

It was so fun watching him run around with all of the other kids. He kept talking about all of his friends that came to play with him. I think he thought the park belonged to him because everytime someone left he would say... "You're welcome to come back anytime" lol. Everyone had a blast. I even let Jake out of his germ bubble and let him play with the big kids!

I can't wait until all of this rain subsides so that we can go to the park more often. The boys enjoyed it and so did the Mommies!


  1. Looks like you all have been up to lots of fun. The Heart Heroes cape is sooo cute!!!