Friday, July 29, 2011

Punch Drunk

Hanging with Mommy before surgery.

I just wanted everyone to know that Jacob did wonderfully. He won't need surgery for a few months. GI said he looked wonderful. ENT said his scar tissue is a bit thick so when he has surgery they will book the O.R. for enough time to do the major airway reconstruction however they are still going to try the minimally invasive procedure first. It is still surgery on his airway but the recovery time is much better since they would not be cutting through his neck. If it does not work then they will go ahead and do the major surgery.

GI placed the GI probe. 2 hours later Jacob decided to yank it out. We had to wait another 2 hours to get it in and are praying he doesn't pull it out again. I feel bad though because his arms are covered so he can't grab it. He is sleeping now. He has not eaten since last night. We are waiting to see if the X-ray turned out good before we can feed him. Hoping to hear soon because I need to feed my baby boy. The GI probe will remain in overnight and we will be discharged around noon tomorrow.

Funny moment of the day:
They gave him Versed to calm him before they took him to surgery. I was about to cry and told him I loved him, just then he started cracking up. He then would crack up laughing every time someone looked at him or talked to him. It was so funny. How could I cry when he was so hysterically happy lol. Thank you to my beautiful warrior for making it easier for mommy today.

The anesthesiologist said he laughed the whole way down to the O.R.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful boy drunk off of his meds lol.

Love you Jacob!

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  1. Glad he did well. Looks so adorable in the pics. I also smiled with tears as they took my baby away for her big surgery as she was a bit loopy and smiley as well. Wishing him a smooth recovery.