Friday, May 7, 2010

Cath pushed back to Monday

We were just informed that the cath will now be on Monday. I am frustrated but at the same time I am blessed that Jacob is stable and doesn't NEED to have his cath today.

This cath is to decide whether he is healthy enough to come home or needs to stay here until his Glenn. There is another baby who needs and emergent cath. It will take all day for what they need to do for that baby. Praying for that family.

So although I had hoped to have answers today, I am glad that Jacob is doing well enough to be pushed back as opposed to NEEDING it emergently.

We are getting all paperwork and such done today so if Monday goes well we could leave here within a day or two once he is healed from the cath and won't be stuck with as much paperwork.

Thank you as always for the prayers and support. Hope to have some answers Monday, until then... we wait.

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  1. i know what u are goin though because i have been though it and already what though the second part of the surgery and my little boy was only 2 1/2 months when he had it if u want u can go to and see how the second surgery went for him. I hope Jacob get to go home soon and that everything goes well when they do the heart cath. I will keep Jacob and Mia in my prayers with my little boy cause i know how hard it is.