Friday, May 7, 2010

Heart Cath Today

Jacob goes for his heart cath soon. He is second on the schedule so it will be whenever they are done with the first one. Please pray that everything goes well. They will check the pressures in his heart and look at the blood flow to the lungs as well.

Please pray. I will update when I know something!

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  1. Hello Kathy and Mom Mary. Henry's mom Chris here. I've spent hours catching up on your blog. Nice job. Your love for Jacob exudes in your posts and he DEFINITELY knows you as Mom from anyone else holding him. Eventhough we are going home soon, i plan to keep up with your blog and i hope you'll do the same with mine. Its been wonderful talking with you and your family while we all go thru our crazy life changes and our special lil boys. Always remember no matter how hard, no matter the ups and down, you are being a wonderful mom. Never doubt that. You are amazing. Hang in there... Peace, Chris