Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just as I thought...

Jacob's incision is most likely infected. I knew 3 days ago it was looking green where the scab was at the top. They were not concerned but kept an eye on it. Yesterday the scab came off and it started draining. Today it looked a little red so they did bloodwork. His blood work came back and showed that his white blood cells were elevated which means it most likely is infected.

Jake was put on oral antibiotics today. Praying they caught it in time. If an infection gets really bad they have to open their chest back up to scrape it out. PRAYING THAT DOESN"T HAPPEN. The good news is that if the doctors decide he can come home, he can go home on these antibiotics.


Hoping we get some answers tomorrow. Jacob's primary cardiologist Dr. Swazst will be back from vacation tomorrow. Everyone has been waiting for her to get back so we can come up with a long term plan tomorrow. Hopefully we will find out whether they think he is strong enough to go home or whether they think he will need to stay until after his second surgery. It seems pretty split. Some doctors act like they think he should go home, others think his breathing is too fast and he should stay.

I am prepared for either decision. I hope we can go home so our family can be together again in one place. However I also want to do what will be best for Jacob. This is all temporary and is to give him a good life. Right now our goal is to keep him alive and his heart in great shape, whatever it takes. Unfortunatly unlike other parents I do have to worry about the fact that my son is incredibly fragile and little things that are not a concern for most people are for us.

It will be nice to have a plan though, to know one way or another.

Regardless of that decision we won't be going anywhere until his cultures come back negative for infection and it starts looking better.

I plan to see if speech can come back tomorrow. It has been over 2 weeks since they have let Jake try a bottle. They are to worried because of his breathing but I also don't wan't him loose that instinct. He loves drinking from a bottle but he gets so excited and he breathes way to fast.

I also plan to ask the nutritionist if we can feed him more often. He did better today but still gets hungry early so I want to see if we could feed him more volume or more often.

Jake and I went on two long walks today around the 6th floor. It is nice not being cooped up in that room.

Aidan got a haircut today.. Thanks Pappy and Mimi! It looks really cute. They also planted flowers outside for Jacob and I. Hopefully we will get to see them soon. I miss everyone so much.

I will update more tomorrow.. until then please keep praying for our sweet baby boy!

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