Monday, May 10, 2010


Jacob is back in his room. Cath went well. Pulmonary vasculature looks good. Flow is good. Shunt and aortic arch look great. Pressures are all good. Squeeze of heart was a little on the lower side of normal so they put him on Captopril for that. They said this is common.

As for the breathing nothing is wrong with the blood flow to the lungs. Could be from the septum or from the size of the shunt. They remove that in the second surgery. Hopefully it will get better as he gets bigger but at least there is nothing wrong with the arteries!

Waiting on Dr. Swazst to decide if he can go home or not. If he does it will be Thursday so they can watch him on this med for a bit.

He is in some pain right now. It is so sad to hear him wimper. They also found that the sticker from one of his leads had burned into his skin. It is so red and sore. They change them daily not sure why this one did that. Maybe it did not get changed. Hydrocortisone for that. My poor little boy.

Thank you all for the prayers.

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