Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boston Med

Tonight's episode of Boston Med is about a couple who had a baby born with HLHS. It will help give some insight into what families like ours go through. A time that should be full of joy turns into a time of fear and anxiety but also one of hope and inspiration.

Jake's Journey was even more risky and he was much sicker than most babies with HLHS because of his restricted septum and lung disease. Please watch tonight's episode so you can see a little bit of what families like ours go through.

Here is the synopsis:

Renee Peerless has spent nearly nine months of her pregnancy alone while her husband serves with the military in Iraq. His absence is made more difficult by the knowledge that their baby in utero has a serious heart defect and will need surgery within days of being born. A story of courage and hope, viewers will recognize the universal themes of motherhood, duty and determination that summon the best from us in difficult situations.

It airs tonight at 10pm on ABC. Set your DVRs

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