Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ruthie Got Her Heart!

Some of you may have seen me put prayer requests on here for baby Ruthie. She has HLHS like Jacob and was not a candidate for the "Glenn" surgery because of the pressures in her heart. She has been waiting for a heart for 5 months now. I am so pleased to say SHE GOT HER HEART. Yesterday she was given her new chance at life. Her mother last updated that she was pink now!

Our babies are always dusky in color so I can't imagine her feeling to see her sweet baby pink after such a hard journey.

Please continue to keep Ruthie in your prayers as she still has a journey ahead of her. Also please pray for the donor family who lost their child but still gave the gift of life to another.

You can follow Ruthie's Journey here:

God Bless!

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