Friday, November 19, 2010

Medication... Wow what a difference.

So sorry for the blog overload. I forgot to mention earlier that the pulmonologist in Cincinnati took Jake off of Bethanechol. It has not helped his breathing and he did not feel it was necessary for him. So that means that Jacob is down to ONLY 3 medications!

Look how far he has come just since August when he came home from his Glenn...

8am: Lasix (0.6ml), Captopril (3 ml), Prevacid (2 ml), 1/2 Baby Aspirin, Bethanichol (0.6ml), Diuril (1.2 ml)
4pm: Lasix (0.6ml), Captopril (3 ml), Bethanichol (0.6ml)
8pm:Prevacid (2 ml), Diuril (1.2 ml), Sodium Suppliment (2.5 ml), Aldactone (1.2 ml)
Midnight: Lasix (0.6ml), Captopril (3 ml), Bethanichol (0.6ml)

He was also still on his overnight feeds.


8am: Captopril (3 ml), Prevacid (3 ml),
4pm: Captopril (3 ml), 1/2 Baby Aspirin
8pm: Prevacid (3 ml)
Midnight: Captopril (3 ml)

No more overnight feeds.
Started baby food and day feeds increased to 190mls per feed

Have I mentioned how proud I am of Jacob. Wow! He has come so far in just a few months. Thank you Jacob for being so strong. I am so blessed to have you as my son. I love you more than you will ever know.

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  1. Wow Kathy, that's awesome!!! Way to go Jake! We're getting Bodie there as well. He's still on 5 meds, but because I combine the Sildenafil, Enalapril, Propanalol (pill) and Aspirin (pill) all into one syringe, he's down to only 5 syringes a day (the Propanalol is still 3x a day and I can't combine his last med, the Digoxin, with the rest, since it has to be at room temp) - it feels like NOTHING compared to how many meds I used to have to prep! Hoping to be off Dig soon and Propanalol next spring, so we'll be down to only 3 meds eventually as well!