Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back in the CCU

Jacob was moved back to the CCU today and we got our old room! It is a private room and really nice. Its so great to be in a quiet room to ourselves again. He has done so much better since off morphine. He was almost back to his "young" self today. He did need a blood transfusion because his numbers were a little low. Not bad just a little lower than they wanted. Hypoplasts need a little extra blood to compensate for the lower oxygen levels. Other than that we had a pretty good day.

They are going to keep him for at least another week or two to make sure his numbers stay good. They said his aorta looks good now and they are not worried about that. He does have some extra tissue around his pulmenary arteries so they are watching to make sure that doesnt become a problem. Right now it is fine but if it becomes an issue later on it would be another surgery so pray it doesnt.

I had my G-tube training today and was able to start learning to feed him and give medicines through his tube. He is eating again and they are weening his oxygen. I am going back tonight to sleep there.

My dad said he needs to see pictures because I haven't posted for a while so here are a few to look at! Give me a break dad it was a rough couple of days lol. I know why you guys come here, the pictures hehe!


Bathtime! He still had his NG tube in this pic. So glad that is gone now.

Snuggle time with mommy!

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  1. He is adorable Kathy! There is almost a hospital end in sight. It is really amazing how well he has come along. Stay strong momma. We are always praying for you.